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Marketing Makeover Takeover!

The Marketing Makeover Takeover is to offer small businesses a chance to overcome their marketing challenges and provide them with a free marketing makeover. I want to celebrate one year of business by giving back! **This project makeover will be awarded to one small business based on voting results via social media. Go directly here to enter!

Rules and Obligations of the Takeover #1 You must fill out the form to enter #2 Your business name/logo will be posted to a folder on the Kemp Marketing Facebook social media page. Entries open on July 7th and end on July 17th. Voting will begin on July 18th and end on July 21st. #3 The winner will be contacted via the preferred way to announce that they have won. #4 You must be in contact by July 24th to claim ownership of the takeover. #5 An in-person or call meeting may be necessary for clarity on your business. I will have a series of questions and will investigate your online presence. #6 A plan will be discussed with you to "clean up" your social media or create it, work on the logo, branding website, google page, etc. Whatever is needed within the expertise. #7 A written plan will be emailed to you with weekly assignments to follow for August. We will collaborate closely to make sure our goals are being met. #8 You are obligated to document the process via photos, videos, social media posts, and testimonies to show progress and email to Kemp Marketing. Almost like a weekly diary of the process. #9 Your results and your story will be shared on social media. #10 This collaboration is for August 2023 only and support for 60 days thereafter. Support includes answering any questions about the marketing plan we create together.

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