JanaBelle’s Bakery was established in Downtown Medina on July 29, 2017. I really first started to become interested in baking, after the birth of my first child, and my want grew from there.

At first, the thought of owning a bakery never crossed my mind, but soon grew into a dream I just couldn’t get off of my mind and heart. I had always wanted to own my own business, but just didn’t know what kind, so the idea was put on the back burner until I became more confident in what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I wanted to have something to pass down to my children, give them the opportunity to build upon.

As I started to think more and more about a bakery business I knew I just didn’t want to do only cakes I wanted a full bakery. As I grew more confident in making custom cakes out of my home I knew I could do this but it will take some patience and time. I started to look into places and being a Milan native, I knew that somewhere in Gibson County would be the best place. This is when I found the perfect spot in Downtown Medina. I could already vision the bakery setup and all the customers coming in.

It doesn’t stop there, as we started going through the process of bringing the building back to life and bring in all equipment the anticipation grew more and more. Finally, on July 29, 2017 we opened the doors to the public. We started off with our baked goods and custom orders. We have now grown into gourmet coffee and lunches daily. Make sure you like us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest news of what we are doing. Thank you all for your support and we hope to serve Gibson County in many years to come.

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