Bart was born and raised in Jackson, TN and graduated from Jackson-Central Merry. He now lives in Medina and has for over 2 years with his wife and their two kids. After working for various companies in different fields early in life, Bart found his calling in automotive work. He enjoys the challenges the work offers.

Bart was employed by an independent shop for five years early in his career. Then for the next ten years he worked for Chrysler and General Motors. During that time, he worked to earn certifications from ASE, Chrysler, and General Motors.

One thing he always wished he could change about the bigger companies was the quality of service on vehicles and care to the customers that rolled in. The biggest criticisms he had about dealerships was how the customers were treated.

Through watching and experiencing how the larger shops and dealerships ran their businesses, Bart learned and began thinking about how he would want to run his own business.

Praters Automotive Repair provides general maintenance, service, diagnostic and engine repair that any one needs. He keeps his prices lower than the larger and competing shops while having the same experience and knowledge the other shops do.

Bart doesn’t operate his business by treating his customers as just a paycheck; he wants to make sure they are safe, happy, taken care of, and would come back if they ever needed.

He runs his business with great customer service, integrity and quality work in mind.

When there is ever a problem with a customer’s vehicle, Bart will always explain the issues in a manner anyone can easily understand. He never tries to up sell a customer or offer repairs that are unneeded.

While running his new business and having a family at home, Bart makes time to coach Medina 8u softball, and has done for 3 seasons. He enjoys doing it to teach kids about teamwork and how hard work can pay off. He also gets to know more people in the community and build relationships.

Praters Automotive has been welcomed very graciously to the Medina and Gibson County community. We are very excited to be a part of this community and look forward to the future!

You can follow the journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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