My name is Kenneth Bonds, I am the CEO of BTS EXCLUSIVE Music group. BTS stands for Broadcasting Teen Safety. BTS EXCLUSIVE consists of motivational speaking and live music performances that encourages its listening audiences to not fall prey to the social ills that are destroying the lives of so many teens in America today.

BTS EXCLUSIVE main focus and target is on the youth of today from elementary students to college students but also reaches the "MASSES" as a whole. BTS has produced and wrote songs that focus on and pertain to issues such as; choices and decisions, importance of an "EDUCATION", prescription meds, Impaired driving, texting and driving, seat belt safety and speaking out against deviant behavior in their schools and communities.

BTS EXCLUSIVE looks for to the opportunity to speak and/or perform for youth in school assemblies, festivals, parades, church events, non-profit organization events, community events and juvenile detention facilities in the West Tennessee area.

BTS EXCLUSIVE mission is to inform, educate and entertain today’s youth about their "Safety, Awareness and Social Dangers they face daily".

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