Chad Ezelle is the Preaching Minister for the Main Street Church of Christ in Milan, TN, and he loves every minute of it.

He grew up in the next county over, Crockett County, but landed in GibCo via Collierville, TN. After 7 years in ministry there, it was time for Chad and his family to come home. Gibson County wasn’t always home, but it is now.

Chad’s most visible work happens on Sundays as he preaches to the big room filled with people from all walks of life. But he believes he does his most important work by walking through life with people from his community, whether they’re in the big room on Sunday mornings or not.

For Chad, ministry is all about connecting - connecting personally with God, connecting inter-personally with others, and helping other people connect with God. Get those connections right, and everything’s gonna be just fine!

The most important connections in Chad’s life are the ones who live in his home. He’s dad to his two boys, Easton and Eli, husband to his beautiful wife, Alesha, and zookeeper for their dogs, Jax and LuLu.

Along with his day job, Chad has always been heavily involved in the GibCo community. He’s coached youth baseball teams for the last six years, served on several boards of directors including the Milan Cal Ripken Baseball board, the Dream Center board, the Milan Downtown Association, the Chamber of Commerce board, the Milan Dawg Daze Festival Board, the Milan Fall Festival board, and the One Table planning committee. He’s also the current president of the Milan Lions Club.

In his free time, you can usually find Chad on the golf course chasing a golf ball down or in his backyard chasing the kids around. Both of them give him a run for his money, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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