Originally from Murfreesboro, TN, leadership came naturally to me starting at a franchise-owned Blockbuster Video chain as a Senior in high school. Developing customer service skills in a diverse range of skilled employees quickly became something that I aspired to follow.

I attended Pellissippi State Community College and earned an Associate’s Degree in staying in community college too long, An undergraduate degree(BS) in Organizational Management and balancing life and work from Tusculum College and I later attended David Lipscomb University for graduate school and earned my MBA upon constant pressure from my then girlfriend now wife. In 2010, I pursued a challenging new career opportunity in health care by being accepted into an Administrator-In-Training program with Signature Healthcare.

Over the next year and four months, while studying for the board licensing exam for Tennessee and Kentucky, I operated in an Assistant Administrator role in Columbia, TN and studied the market in Nashville, TN. After successfully obtaining licensing, I operated as an Interim Administrator at Signature Healthcare of South Louisville for 4 months, Administrator of Donelson Place Care and Rehab in Nashville, TN from 2012 to 2013, and Oakview Nursing and Rehab from 2014 to 2015, and joined National Healthcare Corp in 2015 as an Assistant Administrator for a month before being assigned to an Interim Administrator position in Somerville, TN followed by a permanent position with NHC Healthcare Milan in January of 2016.

I LOVE what I do and really attach to all aspects of this career. Im dedicated to helping the community understand and access the healthcare that is available while improving what is here. I lead myself exceptionally well, do my part in enhancing the quality of life of those that I serve, create Raving Fans of NHC Milan services, serve with integrity, and demonstrate a Better Way to this industry and its reputation. I look forward to my personal and professional growth in this area and getting to know more about the history and future of Milan and Gibson County business and community opportunities.

I have been building local business relationships since moving here. I am a servant leader, volunteer, an active Rotary Club member and President for 2018-19, Gibson Co. Adult Leadership grad., Milan Chamber Member, St. Matthews Catholic Church parishioner, Knights Of Columbus brother, father of 2 (21 months and 5 months), friend and spouse of a wonderful woman Mary Alice who is usually the brains behind the operation. My wife and I enjoy remodeling and redecorating although not always doing projects together! We also enjoy crappy TV, podcasts, and hanging out with our kiddos, traveling together and playing with our friends from church and community. We look forward to raising our family here in Milan and working everyday, in some way, to better the community.

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