Allison & Ellen

In June, 2017, this cookie—Allison Harwell—decided she wanted to decorate sugar cookies “for fun.” Crazy idea, I know, especially since, one, I was a teacher, and two, I have no training in this.

However, I grew up cooking and baking in the kitchen with my grandma and mother, the other half of the cookie—Ellen Milligan.

This idea somewhat started with the fact that I just knew there could be a decorated sugar cookie that could look decent AND have flavor. So I spent the majority of the summer of 2017 playing around with cookies and recipes until school started back up, and I went back to teaching. In November, my sister-in-law asked me to make unicorn themed cookies for my nieces’ birthday. At her party, people were asking if I sold these because they actually tasted good even though they were decorated cookies.

Since I already had a full-time job, I didn’t know if it’d be a possibility. Nevertheless, a couple of weeks later Two Smart Cookies was born.

In December, we got our start with Christmas cookies. As word got out, orders started pouring in. With one of the ladies that started my joy of cooking/baking by my side, my mom, she started making the dough to help out with the demands. Months went by and we kept getting busier and busier. By April, I started to think that this dream and love of baking/creating might actually be a full-time possibility. Our customers did not disappoint with their orders!

Mom was rolling, cutting, helping package, and helping with deliveries just as fast as I could get them decorated. In May, I made the decision to resign from teaching. With plenty of prayers and “signs,” I felt like it was time for a break from the classroom and time to chase what I’ve always loved to do—what we’ve always loved to do.

Being in the kitchen again with mom while creating/decorating doesn’t feel like a job. It’s hard, physical work that takes hours upon hours and lots of planning in advance, but again, it doesn’t feel like a job because we both enjoy it incredibly much. Thank you for letting us share our story with you, and most importantly for your support!!

For the meantime, we do not have a website but hopefully will soon. So we ask that all inquiries and orders be placed using the Two Smart Cookies Facebook page, or text/leave voicemail at 731-487-6903 if you do not have Facebook.

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