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  • Brandy Kemp

5 days of Video Content - Day 1 - Welcome!

[Camera pans over your business interior, showing customers enjoying themselves or a work environment. You approach the camera with a smile.]

Owner: Hi there, welcome to ____________ (your business)! I'm ________ (name), the owner of this place. I've always been passionate about _______________ (your service) and _____________ (example: creating a space where people can come together) and enjoy ___________. That's why I started this business, and (I've we've) been serving up some of the best _____________ (product or service) in town ever since. We also have a great selection of ____________ to go with ___________. So _________ (Example: come on in, relax, and stay awhile). (I/We) can't wait to serve you!

*If you feel uncomfortable talking into the camera you can always work as you talk but you want to come across personable and relatable, so glance up and smile.

Please feel free to use this template any way you want to. Mix it up and cater it to your business or service.

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