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  • Brandy Kemp

5 Days of Video Content - Day 2 - Goals!

[Camera focuses on owner, standing in front of their store, smiling at the camera.]

Owner: Hi there! As a small business owner, my main goal is to _______________ (make a positive impact in my community). I want to create a space where people feel welcomed, appreciated, and heard. I believe that my business can be more than just a place to shop; it can be _______________ (a hub for connection and growth). I also strive to provide the highest quality ____________ (products and services) to my customers, while keeping sustainability and ethical practices in mind. Thank you for supporting small businesses like mine, and I hope to see you soon!

*Standing in front of your business leaves the visual image of your location. This is important. If you do not have a physical location a desk or just come closer to the camera so the background is not noticeable. Sometimes you can strategically place a product in the background. If you are uncomfortable looking into the camera look at the very top of the phone and pretend like you are talking to a friend. No one will know you are not looking directly at the camera.

Please feel free to use this template any way you want to. Mix it up and cater it to your business or service.


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