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  • Brandy Kemp

Remember P90X?

Updated: Apr 27

Who could forget it ...

... Tony Horton and those late-night infomercials ...

... a whole pile of DVDs arriving on your doorstep with a "Thump!" ...

... visions of "crushing it" ... but instead getting crushed after the “Ab Ripper X” workout on Day 18, stopping mid “Crunchy Frog" to turn off the TV, toss your remote aside in disgust, and collapsing on the floor.

I'm not saying that was your experience.  But there's a good reason millions of P90X DVDs are sitting in landfills today (many of them still shrink-wrapped in their unopened packaging, but that's a whole 'nother email).

Look, never forget that the "X" in P90X stood for "EXTREME."

And therein lies the problem ...

... Could you get results with P90X?

Yes.  But it was HARD.  It was PUNISHING.

It's not sustainable.  Never was.  

Why am I telling you all this?  Some people talk about Marketing this way. You buy program after program and learn how to do it yourself. You try to stay up late and schedule those posts. You even try to do a funny dance on film to get reactions.

You DON'T have to go this route to get the results you've always wanted.

You're seeing this because you have shown interest in a better way. Seriously, you could use the help in our program. It will give you the time you need to dig out your old P90X DVDs and look like Brad Pitt in "Fight Club" before too long. But if you want a complete system to look and feel your best, with everything mapped out for you in advance, you can become a client of Kemp Marketing. We can work together, so you will have time for yourself, your family, and your business.

Think of it this way: Our biggest package equals out to $6.25 hour. Why are you spending time on marketing when you could make $75 an hour doing other business work that brings in income? You’ll have extra money too for all those protein bars.


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