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  • Brandy Kemp

A Quirky Adventure: Hunting for Bigfoot in the Backwoods of Kentucky

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

When was the last time you did something so out of the ordinary, it left you feeling exhilarated and full of life? My cousin and I recently found ourselves pondering the aging process and the realization that there are certain experiences we may never get to have or afford. That's when we decided to embark on a wild and quirky adventure that took us deep into the backwoods of Kentucky, in search of the legendary Bigfoot.

Our quest for something fun, different, and utterly quirky led us to hire a professional Bigfoot hunter with the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization. Yes, you read that right! Armed with our curiosity and a sense of adventure, we set out for a 4-hour Bigfoot hunt in the pitch-dark wilderness of Kentucky. This was not your typical weekend getaway, but it was an experience we knew we'd remember for a lifetime.

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the woods around us grew darker, we found ourselves deep in the heart of the wilderness, guided only by the beams of our red-lit headlamps. Armed with our determination, we began our hunt for the elusive creature known as Bigfoot.

Our tactics were unconventional, to say the least. We knocked on trees, whooped into the night, and laughed more than we could have ever imagined. Our laughter echoed through the woods, mingling with the chirping of crickets and the rustling of leaves. It was an experience that not only connected us with nature but also with each other. There's something about chasing myths in the dark that brings people closer together.

Our Bigfoot adventure was not just about searching for an elusive creature; it was about embracing the joy of the unknown. We didn't find Bigfoot that night, but we found something even more precious—memories that warmed our souls and laughter that rang through the trees. It was a reminder that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, no matter your age or circumstances.

Since our return from the backwoods of Kentucky, I've taken the liberty of ordering a Bigfoot tree knocker. It's a quirky souvenir that will remind us of our adventure and serve as a symbol of our determination to continue seeking out unique experiences.

In fact, she doesnt know it yet, but I’m already planning our next adventure, this time venturing into the deep woods of Tennessee. Alone and armed with our newfound sense of adventure, we will be ready to explore the unknown and create more memories that will keep our spirits young and our hearts full of wonder.

So, the next time you find yourself yearning for something different and fun, consider stepping out of your comfort zone. You might not be hunting for Bigfoot, but there's a world full of quirky adventures waiting for you to discover. Embrace the unknown, laugh often, and make memories that will warm your soul for years to come. After all, life is too short not to chase your own version of Bigfoot, whatever that may be!

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